Furry Friends

Want to get away for spring break but your furry, four-legged friends are putting a hold on your plans? Don’t worry, there are lots of ways to set up your pets to be taken care of so you can take care of yourself.

Many people see spring break as a great opportunity to take a family vacation. But, what about your four-legged family members? Pets can’t always tag along, so you may have to plan for their care while you’re away. Here are several pet care options to consider before deciding which makes the most sense for your dog or cat.

A popular option for pet care services is boarding. Kennels usually provide a private space for sleeping and an exercise area for playing. Depending on the layout, some kennels offer free access to exercise runs throughout the day; some take the dog for exercise and potty breaks at certain times; and some offer all-day play with other dogs. Look for kennels that offer the right amount of socialization for your pet.

For animals that are older, shy or need familiar surroundings, it may be best having a professional in-home pet sitter come to them. In-home pet sitters can also help pick up mail, water plants and take out the trash while you’re away. Pet sitters typically visit your home daily (sometimes several times daily) to check on your dog or cat, and some pet sitters also stay overnight. Your furry babies will be taken care of exactly to their needs.

The least expensive and most comfortable option for care might be having your family or friends check on or stay with your pet. Ask someone you and your pet know to stop by your house a few times a day to feed and play with your dog or make sure the cat has enough food. You could also have a responsible friend or family member stay at your home while you’re away to give your dog a greater feeling of security.

Whether you decide to board, hire a sitter or ask a family member to watch your pet, don’t forget about your furry best friend this spring break. One of these options is sure suit you and your four-legged family member.


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