Know Your Meter

Oh, the dreaded water, electric and gas bills. If you have a household member who takes marathon showers or blasts the air conditioning in the summer (surely it’s always someone else who drives up your bill, right?), those monthly expenses can add up fast. But when you know how to read your utility meters, the bills shouldn’t come… Continue reading Know Your Meter


Who Says Lightning Never Strikes Twice?

With thunderstorm season upon us, we have to ask: What are the odds you will struck by lightening? Folk wisdom says the odds of a lightning strike are one-in-a-million, but actuarially speaking, it really depends on where you live. In West Virginia, for example, your odds are 1 in about 464,000. But in Maryland, the… Continue reading Who Says Lightning Never Strikes Twice?


No Splashing!

Pools are a summer rite of passage for many Americans. And while most people take action to prevent drowning dangers, they might not know how to prevent other pool injuries. That’s why pool drain safety is so important. Pool drains can cause injuries—and worse—when a person’s body, limbs, hair, jewelry or clothes become entangled with a… Continue reading No Splashing!

Misc. Insurance

Set Sail for Summer

When you think of insurance, you probably think of the most common insurance policies: life, health, home and auto. But if you’re a boat owner, there is another insurance policy that needs to be at the top of your list – boat insurance. Unlike automobile insurance, boat insurance is not required in every state. Having… Continue reading Set Sail for Summer


Work Zone

Who hasn’t been zipping along when all of a sudden traffic slows to a halt? When it does, you can bet on one of two things: There was an accident or work is being done on the roads. Road work is often the culprit in the warmer months. You probably already know that it’s important… Continue reading Work Zone