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Pet Travel Safety

You understand car safety.  You always make sure people are buckled up, keep your cell phone tucked away, obey traffic laws, and you can secure various models of children’s car seats with your eyes closed (and one hand behind your back). But, here’s a question: what happens when you bring your pet along for the… Continue reading Pet Travel Safety

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Lawnmower Safety

Each year, approximately 75,000 people are injured seriously enough by lawnmowers to require emergency room medical treatment. Only a small percentage of the injuries are caused by mechanical failure; most are the result of human error. Here are some tips to follow before and while mowing your lawn: Become familiar with your mower. Read the… Continue reading Lawnmower Safety

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Save on New Clothes for School!

The first day of school is filled with the excitement of kids seeing their friends, but it often leaves their parents feeling depleted financially. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way! There are so many ways to save on back to school clothes shopping, so here are my top 5… Continue reading Save on New Clothes for School!

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10 Home Projects That Get Overlooked

Planning on sprucing up your home this spring? If so, you probably already have a list of annual projects. But there are many others that fly under the radar. Paul Sullivan, founder of a full-service remodeling company and the chairman of the National Association of Home Builders Remodelers, suggests you tackle these overlooked home projects.… Continue reading 10 Home Projects That Get Overlooked

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Tree Maintenance & Care

The trees in your yard can enhance your property, provide shade and offer abundant environmental benefits. However, trees can also pose a safety hazard to your family and your home if they are not properly inspected and maintained. Trees can present a particularly significant danger during a storm. Wind, lightning, snow and ice can all… Continue reading Tree Maintenance & Care

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Red Light Cameras

Red light cameras are becoming more and more popular since they first appeared in New York City back in the 1990s. And research confirms that this is a very good thing when it comes to safety and saving lives. A recent study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) revealed that red light cameras… Continue reading Red Light Cameras

Life Insurance

Life Insurance and Health Conditions

Whether you’re a young adult, a stay-at-home parent or a retiree, you may have a need for life insurance. Yet you may have concerns about your health conditions. Many people think certain conditions preclude them from getting life insurance. In reality, many common and manageable conditions won’t disqualify you from being approved for a policy. The truth about life… Continue reading Life Insurance and Health Conditions

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11 Ways to Save on Back to School Shopping

Don’t look now, but summer is nearly over. That’s right–lazy afternoons at the beach will soon be replaced by the mad dash to get our children ready for school. Before you prepare to battle the aisles of your local store during the back to school shopping season, check out these tips from top bloggers and yours… Continue reading 11 Ways to Save on Back to School Shopping

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Swimming Pool Safety

With warmer weather comes an array of outdoor activities for the whole family, including cooling off in a pool if you are lucky enough to have one. But with a pool also comes the responsibility of safety must-haves and best practices that any parent or home owner should be concerned with. With over 200 young… Continue reading Swimming Pool Safety


Call Before You Dig!

Do you have a project that requires some deep digging? Before you start, give a call to 811 to make sure you’re safe where your digging. Otherwise, you could be in for a shock! What is 811? Are you a homeowner or contractor? Did you know that you are required to call the number ‘811’… Continue reading Call Before You Dig!