If a Customer Falls…

Accidents happen all the time, but when a customer takes a spill in your store, there are certain actions you should take to make your life easier later. Here are five tips you might find helpful in case of a fall

1: Get Help

The customer’s safety is the first concern. For minor falls, offer any needed first aid, and perhaps an ice pack  or bandage. For more serious falls, or if the person is asking for medical help, call 911 immediately. After making sure the customer is taken care of, try to get a statement from them so you know exactly what happened.

2: Take a Picture

Try to snap a photo of the scene, or ask for pictures taken by the customer or witnesses. Documenting date and time of photos is also helpful. If the fall could have been caused by a substance or object, take pictures of said hazard, preferably with some sort of scale as well. Wet floor signs and floor mats should also be documented. Best case scenario, if your store has video surveillance, get a copy of the video from the incident.

3: Find a Witness

Ask anyone if they saw what happened, and have them write down what they saw and what they think happened. take down names and contact information for follow ups. Multiple view points can help better illustrate how a fall occurred.

4: Fill Out a Report

Complete a detailed accident report as soon as possible. Be very specific; even information like the type of shoes someone was wearing can be important. Write down the conditions of the scene before and after the fall. Finally, file a claim with your insurance company, even if the injured person hasn’t yet. Being proactive can help avoid hefty lawsuits.

5: Get Records Ready

Review your files for any cleaning logs, maintenance reports, repairs, inspections, etc. that has taken place in the store recently. Your claim representative will ask for this information to help determine if you are liable. Having accurate, up to date information will make the process much smoother.


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