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Isn’t it wild how you go from encouraging your baby to enjoy tummy time to wanting them to roll over and then crawl…and then as soon as they hit the ground running on those hands and knees you’re all, “No! Don’t touch that! Slow down! Ahhhhh.” Life is funny that way. We encourage our babies to take the next “step” or milestone and then once we do we miss the previous phase. As you take the next step, make sure your baby and their new found mobility don’t get into any trouble.


Whether it be with a gate, a play pen or a door, keep baby in your sight at all times. That way they can play while you work without worrying about what they’re getting into. Well, other than worrying if he’s going to get a splinter…HA! It’s never ending, isn’t it friends?


Get door latches, especially for your kitchen and other rooms that could have dangerous or loud items (save your ears!). Side note: Move your dish detergent and dishwasher packs out of reach until you get door latches. If a baby gets ahold of those, it can be deadly.


Several people will tell you that babies understand the word “No” before you think and that you shouldn’t be afraid to use it.  Granted, they might be shocked by the tone of your voice at first, but they will learn quickly what it means. As soon as a child starts walking or crawling, they can gravitate towards all kinds of hazards around your home. The first few times you say no they may be upset and cry, but they will soon learn not to mess with what they shouldn’t. And it’s better for them to be upset for a moment and get over it in a bit, then have them get into something that could harm them.



Why is it that babies always head for the most hazardous thing in the room? They love to go for power cords, blinds with strings and more. Blinds or curtains with long cords or strings may pose a hazard for little ones who can reach them. The CPSC advises parents to purchase cordless window coverings, as a child could get stuck in the cord or be strangled if a loop gets wrapped around his or her neck. If you already have window coverings with cords, the Window Covering Safety Council can provide you with free retrofit safety kits to adjust your current ones.



Babies love to pick up items and throw them, or they pick something up and can’t keep a hold of it; that means any of your small, loose knick knacks are probably going to get broken or damaged if they are within your child’s reach.Floor lamps many times can crash over. Hardwoods make for lots of hard falls. try to keep clutter and small decor items away from babies and toddlers, and any decorative pieces that have sharp edges or could be swallowed, or larger pieces that could fall or pose a hazard should be taken care of. It might be tough having to mess up the nice decor of your home, but it’s better to keep the little ones safe. But at the end of the day, babies are resilient and we can only do so much to protect them. We just always have to be there, to keep an eye out just in case!

That’s what this parenting journey is about though, right? Adjusting, changing and learning as we go!

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