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Should You Get Umbrella Insurance?

An umbrella insurance policy provides you with added protection for your home and auto policies. It is designed to come into play if an incident exceeds your normal policy limits. It is not an everyday situation that you would need excess limits but if an incident of this proportion would happen, it could cost your… Continue reading Should You Get Umbrella Insurance?

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De-cluttering Your Apartment

We often keep items we don’t use, don’t need and forget we have. And if we’re living in an apartment or condo—without the benefit of a basement or garage—these items could be causing clutter and taking up precious space. The benefits of de-cluttering go beyond a tidy home. They can help us feel more control… Continue reading De-cluttering Your Apartment

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Car Recalled? Now what?

Have you ever received an official-looking letter from your automobile manufacturer? If so, what could easily be mistaken as a piece of junk mail is a notice informing you that something in your car is defective. Due to safety concerns, a recall has been issued. Suddenly, all of the worst-case scenarios begin to flash through… Continue reading Car Recalled? Now what?

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Winterizing Your Deck

The cool breezes of autumn mean winter is right around the corner. While you’re enjoying those crisp fall days, you may want to add winterizing your deck to your to-do list. Here are three ways to help keep your deck in tip-top shape throughout the winter months. 1. Clean Your Deck Dirt, moisture and other summertime stains… Continue reading Winterizing Your Deck

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Small Business Saturday

There’s no denying that small businesses are essential for healthy local economies. But with the holidays around the corner, so are hundreds of large corporate marketing campaigns. This November, small business owners can participate in Small Business Saturday, a shopping holiday designated for small companies. Shopping small is a big deal It’s easy to think… Continue reading Small Business Saturday

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Surviving Black Friday

The day after Thanksgiving, also known as Black Friday, is the biggest shopping day of the year.  When it comes to cashing-in on the day’s deals, the motto is “If you snooze you lose.” Many stores will open at 12:01 a.m. on Friday and some retailers will even open their doors on Thanksgiving eve in… Continue reading Surviving Black Friday