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Alien Invasion

In the not-so-likely future that aliens would attack our world, the issue becomes much bigger than an insurance one. In times like these (think war, flood, wide-spread famine), the government becomes the saving force.*

But if you’re having one of those days when the last things you expect are invading your life—your luggage got smashed while you were traveling or debris shattered your windshield—it might feel like this sci-fi flick has come to life.

Let’s break it down to see what insurance would cover in real-life (as opposed to sci-fi) circumstances:

Fleet vehicle in an accident

Managing a fleet of vehicles—and their drivers—comes with a huge amount of responsibility and risk. Most business leaders and fleet managers know this and actively work to reduce the risks they have on the road. Unfortunately, accidents do happen, and commercial auto policies are designed to keep you protected from the financial implications of those accidents.

So, for example, if your truck was T-boned by an oncoming bus, outside of an alien invasion being the root cause, ERIE would have you covered.* (See your policy or talk to your ERIE agent for terms and conditions.)

Windshield breaking

Whether your windshield is broken as part of a larger accident (like rolling over), or simply by a rock hitting it from the road, the an insurance policy with a glass program, which is standard in most auto policies, would have you covered. It connects you to a nationwide network of qualified professionals who can help you repair or replace your windshield quickly.

Fire in an apartment building

If you’re a landlord, a commercial policy can help you cover your property in case of fire or other damages.

If you rent, a renters can help you cover your personal belongings – things your landlord’s insurance doesn’t cover (like that vintage comic book collection or big screen TV). So if your neighbor’s dinner catches fire and spreads to your place, or lightning strikes and zaps your electronics, you’ll have some help in replacing those damaged items.

Luggage Gets Smashed

What if your luggage is damaged by something other than an alien? Good news: a homeowners policy protects you no matter where you are in the world. So fear not if you’re vacationing in Timbuktu and another car smashes into a taxi that’s carrying your luggage in the trunk.

We might not ever have to face all the disasters of a sci-fi level alien invasion, but real life can come with it’s own catastrophes, so let us help you be prepared!

Original article by Catherine Amick.


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