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Changing More Than Just the Clocks

You probably know the drill by now: spring forward, fall back. When we change our clocks on Nov. 6, it’s a good practice to also check the batteries in our smoke detectors. And while you’re at it, consider these other home maintenance steps:


  • Juice up your safety devices. Replenish smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, flashlights and weather alert radios with new batteries. Batteries with some life left can be used in clocks or toys until they run out, then you can recycle them.
  • See the light. This is a good time to swap energy-guzzling light bulbs with energy-efficient ones. This website has some valuable tips on selecting the best bulbs for you.
  • Clean heat. Replace your furnace filter to increase the lifespan of your furnace, as well as the dryer filter and hose. Also dust around and under the dryer to reduce fire risk. A clogged filter requires your air movers to run longer, so expect savings in your electric bill.
  • Medical relief. Look at the expiration dates on all your medicines. For any that are expired, dispose of them safely, and replace any you still need.
  • Water watch. Check for any leaks in the sink, toilet, shower or washer plumbing. If you have not replaced your washing machine hoses in the past four years, now is a good time.  A burst hose is a major cause of plumbing claims, so be sure to use hoses that have metal reinforcement braid surrounding the hose.
  • Just in case. Restock your first aid and emergency kits. Don’t forget a kit for your pet, too.
  • Add to your inventory. If you have an inventory of your possessions, which would be invaluable if you need to file claim, add any new items you’ve purchased over the past few months.
  • Speaking of insurance. Made any significant improvements to your home, like putting in a pool or addition or updating your roof? Let your Independent Agent know, so we can be sure your insurance keeps up with your life.


Learn more at Kemper.com. If you have any questions about updating your home insurance this season, just contact a Colonial agent.


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