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De-cluttering Your Apartment

We often keep items we don’t use, don’t need and forget we have. And if we’re living in an apartment or condo—without the benefit of a basement or garage—these items could be causing clutter and taking up precious space.

The benefits of de-cluttering go beyond a tidy home. They can help us feel more control over our lives, feel more motivated and revitalized. So with these goals in mind, here are some tips for removing the clutter and replacing it with the satisfaction of accomplishment:

Picture this. Before you start, visualize how you want your space to look once it’s clutter-free. Write down how you expect to feel so that you can refer to it to keep you motivated.

Go for broke. While many experts suggest tackling clutter bit by bit, consider eliminating it thoroughly in six months or less.

Sort by category, not location. Going through everything you own in a particular category reveals how much you have, making it easier to downsize. Start with clothes and books, as these can be easier to narrow down. Save personal items, such as photos and letters, for later, as these can be more time-consuming to sort through.

Let it go. As you go through your belongings, don’t let how much you spent on the items stop you from getting rid of them if they’re no longer useful. You can always give them to charity.



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