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New Years Resolutions for Your Insurance

The exercise equipment gathering dust in Americans’ bedrooms and basements is a familiar sign of the way New Year’s resolutions often are quickly abandoned. But a few resolutions you’ll not only want to make but also stick with involve being more prudent about insurance. That means spending wisely and getting the coverage that matters most.… Continue reading New Years Resolutions for Your Insurance

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Host Liquor Liability?

As a party host, you probably don’t want to think about your potential liquor liability. But it’s something you’ll want to consider as your party planning gets under way this holiday season. That’s because most states hold party hosts who offer excessive alcohol to their guests responsible for those guests’ actions behind the wheel. In… Continue reading Host Liquor Liability?

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Prepare Your Business for Winter Weather

People often associate “severe weather” with the warm, stormy summer and fall months. Yet winter can deliver just as many weather-related risks and costs to your business—if not more. A 2013 report by the National Climatic Data Center found that winter storms and freezes together accounted for 12% of all billion-dollar weather and climate-related disasters… Continue reading Prepare Your Business for Winter Weather

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Get That Snow Off Your Car!

We get it: Winter driving is the worst. You have to wake up earlier since driving anywhere takes so much longer, watch out for black ice, do battle against road salt… While you probably know the basics of winter driving, you might not always sweep the snow off your car. But you really should. For… Continue reading Get That Snow Off Your Car!

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Winter Driving Survival Kit

If you drive in remote areas or are planning a long trip this winter, keep a winter survival kit in your car. While some of the items on this list may be appropriate for your car all year long, these supplies can help you deal with winter weather.

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Driving in a Whiteout

In many parts of the country, driving through wind and snow is just a part of your average winter. However, it’s not every day that you get caught driving in a whiteout. Drivers are often caught off guard when snow is being blown across roadways and visibility becomes virtually nonexistent. If weather conditions are bad… Continue reading Driving in a Whiteout

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Winterizing Your Car

When the Northern Hemisphere faces away from the sun, winter is here. And for most of the country, that means frigid temperatures and potentially dangerous driving conditions. If you haven’t prepared your car for the winter, it’s important you do so as soon as possible: Ensure your battery is in good condition. Batteries work by… Continue reading Winterizing Your Car