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The Real Risk: Flooding

Don’t assume just because you don’t leave near the beach or a high flood zone that flooding could never happen to you. Now is the perfect time to learn about your risks and how you can protect your property from damage.

Everyone is at Risk From Flooding

Flooding can occur anywhere at any time. And it can be caused by more than just heavy rain. Snow melt, hurricanes, and new development in you area can all pose flooding risks. So even if your property is high up on a hill or in an area with little rainfall, it could still happen to you.

Your Property/Home Insurance Probably Doesn’t Cover Flood Damage

You might assume that your property insurance would cover you in your property ever flooded- that probably isn’t true. Most basic homeowner policies don’t protect against flood damage. Neither do most business owner policies. Only getting separate flood insurance can reliably cover damage caused by flooding. Review your homeowners and/or property coverage carefully, and talk to a Colonial agent for help getting a flood policy.

You Need Flood Insurance to Protect Your Belongings

With a standard flood policy, you can protect your buildings, contents, or both. Insuring both mean’s you’ll be covered for damages to:

  • Walls, floors, equipment, and fixtures
  • Furniture, appliances, wall and floor coverings, clothing, audio equipment, and televisions

Your Address or Mortgage Status Won’t Keep You From Obtaining a Flood Policy

You can get flood insurance as long as your community participates in the NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program). Most communities do. What’s more, you can get flood insurance even if:

  • You live in a flood plain or high-risk area
  • You live outside a flood plain or are that has low/moderate risk
  • Your property has been flooded before
  • Your mortgage broker doesn’t require it

It’s Easier to Get Flood Insurance Than You May Think

You can contact a Colonial agent and ask for a quote any time. We are always happy to assist you and can help answers any further questions you may have.

You can learn more at

All insurance products are subject to terms, conditions and exclusions not described here; we can answer any questions you may have.


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