Getting Your Home Ready for Spring

Winter is over and it is now time to prepare your home for what spring has in store for it- along with homeowners insurance, of course. The earth’s northern axis now points towards the sun and that signals a change in seasons. This means that the snow has melted and the rain storms are here. This… Continue reading Getting Your Home Ready for Spring

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5 Reasons You Need Car Insurance

It’s a fact: When you start driving, you also need to be insured. Most likely, you’ll purchase your own car insurance policy when you get your own vehicle or become financially independent. Here are five reasons you need car insurance. 1. To Comply With State Laws Car insurance is legally required in most states. At… Continue reading 5 Reasons You Need Car Insurance

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Keep Your Agent Up to Date!

People usually let their insurance agent know about big life changes like starting a business or having a baby. But there are other instances that slip under the radar. One of the most common is when changing mortgage or auto lenders. But don’t think that these changes aren’t important enough to tell your agent! With a… Continue reading Keep Your Agent Up to Date!

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Smart Shopping: Stretching You Grocery Budget

re your weekly trips to the grocery store busting your budget? Do you wander the aisles aimlessly, hoping for dinner inspiration? Smart grocery shopping starts with three things: budgeting, menu planning and scoping out in-store savings. Before your next supermarket trip, consider the tips below to help stretch your budget and put nutritious meals on your table.… Continue reading Smart Shopping: Stretching You Grocery Budget


Remembering Our Heroes

On this day, the 11th of September 15 years ago, America faced one of the worst losses of life it has ever seen. But even in the midst of fear and tragedy, there was courage, selflessness, and strength. We will never forget those we lost, and just as importantly, we will never forget those who were… Continue reading Remembering Our Heroes


If a Customer Falls…

Accidents happen all the time, but when a customer takes a spill in your store, there are certain actions you should take to make your life easier later. Here are five tips you might find helpful in case of a fall 1: Get Help The customer’s safety is the first concern. For minor falls, offer… Continue reading If a Customer Falls…