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No one liked taking tests in school: there was the studying beforehand, the stress during — and the worst part — waiting for results. But when you finally got that paper back with your grade scrawled on the top, you knew where you stood: what you knew, what you didn’t know and where you had… Continue reading Talk to us

Life Insurance

Do I really need life insurance?

Short answer: Yes, you really need life insurance. But there are a few circumstances under which it’s absolutely critical that you have life insurance: You have kids: If you have kids, having a life insurance policy on yourself is the best possible way to protect your kids. If your salary is lost, how will your… Continue reading Do I really need life insurance?

Life Insurance

Demystifying life insurance

Do your eyes start to glaze over whenever anyone starts to talk about life insurance? Term life, whole life, universal life, what does it all mean? And the chances of you ever needing to use it are so low, why bother learning all the jargon?  Think again. Life insurance is a crucial planning tool for… Continue reading Demystifying life insurance

Life Insurance

Simple questions, simple payments

Answering medical questions is a drag. No one likes sharing their private details with the world—even if it is for a good reason. We get it. That’s why we offer a whole life insurance policy through Erie Insurance that requires just six medical questions. That’s right, no baring your soul, just six simple questions.  … Continue reading Simple questions, simple payments

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Demystifying car insurance rates

Have you ever compared your car insurance rate with a friend or family member and found it wildly different-even if you both use the same insurance company? It’s not that your carrier likes one of you better than the other.   In fact, the way rates are determined is based on many different factors-some obvious, some… Continue reading Demystifying car insurance rates

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Caring for kids today and tomorrow

Raising kids is not cheap.  From getting new shoes for their growing feet every three months to funding college, making sure kids have everything they need to grow up an become members of society is expensive. It’s hard enough to take care of these things when you have a parent or two bringing in steady… Continue reading Caring for kids today and tomorrow

Life Insurance

Getting serious about life insurance

No one likes to think about life insurance, much less talk about it or buy it.  It’s uncomfortable and a little scary, acknowledging that we won’t live forever.  But remember: life insurance isn’t about the people who are gone.  It’s about the people who remain. Life insurance is the ultimate safety net.  It ensures that… Continue reading Getting serious about life insurance