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Life Insurance Awareness Month: Q&A with Danica Patrick

September was a month dedicated to getting informed about life insurance; learning the options, benefits, where to start, etc. Now as a wrap-up, here is a small Q&A session with the spokesperson for Life Insurance Awareness Month, NASCAR driver Danica Patrick. 1. You’re a consummate—and fierce—racing professional, but everyone has to start somewhere. Do you… Continue reading Life Insurance Awareness Month: Q&A with Danica Patrick

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Isn’t it wild how you go from encouraging your baby to enjoy tummy time to wanting them to roll over and then crawl…and then as soon as they hit the ground running on those hands and knees you’re all, “No! Don’t touch that! Slow down! Ahhhhh.” Life is funny that way. We encourage our babies… Continue reading Baby-Proofing

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Aging Gracefully

Have you ever read the children’s book Love You Forever, where the mother cares for her growing son until, as a grown man, the son cares for his aging mother? The story depicts a parent/child role reversal that many experience in real life. Talking about aging with parents can be difficult. But being honest about… Continue reading Aging Gracefully

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Helping a Charity With Your Life Insurance

We are a charitable nation. More than 95% of American households give an average of just under $3,000 a year to charity. That means you probably do, too. But did you know that there are other ways to give to charities besides just writing a check? Regardless of your reasons for giving, a gift of… Continue reading Helping a Charity With Your Life Insurance

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6 Things to Do After Getting a Raise

When you get a raise at work, you not only feel great because your job performance has not gone unnoticed, but you also get a better sense of job security. Of course, this also means more money in your pocket, which may lead to irresponsible spending instead of taking personal financial responsibility and investing in… Continue reading 6 Things to Do After Getting a Raise

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Burglary Aftermath

Your home is a place where you feel safe and secure. However, it’s also where you keep your valuables. From jewelry to artwork to electronics, you likely have a few items that burglars would love to get their hands on. Many of us have security systems and locks in place, yet, despite all our precautions,… Continue reading Burglary Aftermath

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What You Need to Know About New ‘Chip’ Cards

You’ve probably starting seeing updated debit and credit cards that include a tiny, metallic microchip embedded in the card front. If you haven’t received yours from your card issuers yet, you can expect by the end of the year. This is the beginning of the long-awaited switchover to so-called “chip and PIN” cards (also called a… Continue reading What You Need to Know About New ‘Chip’ Cards